June 06, 2014

Law360 and Daily Journal feature Jessica Grant’s move to Venable

2 min

This week, Venable announced the addition of first-chair litigator Jessica Grant to the firm’s San Francisco office as a partner. Grant represents both plaintiffs and defendants in product liability, class actions and other commercial litigation matters. Her clients have included leading technology, telecom, pharmaceutical and automotive companies in ultra-high stakes cases. Grant is a two-time recipient of the prestigious California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award and was named one of “California’s Top 100 Lawyers” by the Daily Journal which also selected her as one of the “Top Women Litigators” in the state. Bay Area Lawyer counted her among the “Best Lawyers in the Bay Area.” News of Grant’s arrival was featured in Law360 and the Daily Journal on June 5, 2014.

“I wanted to continue to build on the success I’ve had at trial and Venable is known for having some of the best trial lawyers in the country,” Grant told Law360 adding that she is “excited to help attract lawyers to our [newly opened] San Francisco office.” Grant spoke about her passion for trial work, saying, “I think what really draws me to trials is that anything can go wrong at any moment…For me, there’s the intellectual side and there’s the performance piece. I like that type of pressure and I feel that I thrive in that type of situation.”

Speaking with the Daily Journal about her move, Grant said, “Venable is known for having some of the most top-flight trial lawyers in the country, especially in product liability…The opportunity to join that group of trial lawyers was really exciting.” Geoff Garinther added, “We've followed her career, which...is littered with big wins. This turned out to be the right time to make a shift.” While based in San Francisco, Garinther said Grant would work cases across the country.