July 10, 2014

Baltimore Sun quotes Ron Taylor on Port of Baltimore strike suit

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Venable partner Ron Taylor was quoted in a July 7, 2014 Baltimore Sun article on a suit by employers at the Port of Baltimore seeking over $3.8 million in damages from a local longshoremen’s union over a three day strike last year. Members of the International Longshoremen's Association Local 333 initiated the strike over a lack of a contract to their liking. An arbitrator later ruled the union owed employers compensation which they have yet to pay resulting in the suit.

According to Taylor, the employers have waited a long time following the suit to reach a settlement with the union and the lawsuit is likely a sign that the time for haggling over damages is over. “The [employers] are saying, 'We need to have stability. We can't let this drag on,’” said Taylor. “So this becomes a way to help focus the issue.”