March 31, 2015

MediaPost quotes Stu Ingis on future regulatory and legal hurdles for advertisers

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Venable partner Stuart P. Ingis was quoted in a March 31, 2015 MediaPost article on possible regulatory and legal hurdles advertisers will face in the next 10 years. Ingis made the comments while participating in the Association of National Advertisers' ad law and public policy conference.

"Big Data's role is already dominating advertising. But brace yourself -- it's about to dominate even more," said Ingis. "Data is the medium. It used to be content is king; data is officially king. Data will not come to TV; TV is coming to data….But data isn't everything. It's not king. Technology and algorithms will replace the type of data that used to exist…and it will all exist in the device….The consumer will decide what is appropriate [in terms of privacy]."