Law360 and Global Competition Review features Venable’s latest victory in landmark reverse payment antitrust case

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Venable scored another victory on behalf of Ranbaxy Inc. in a landmark reverse payment antitrust case. On Thursday, a federal judge in Massachusetts denied plaintiffs motion for a new trial and a motion for permanent injunction. The decision follows a December 2014 jury verdict in favor of Ranbaxy and AstraZeneca on claims that the companies entered into a so-called "reverse payment" settlement in violation of antitrust laws when they settled their patent litigation over AstraZeneca's Nexium product.

"It was a case based on speculation and but-for scenarios, with assumption on assumption, and the evidence when jurors heard it it fell way short," partner Doug Baldridge, who led the Venable team, told Law360 in a July 30, 2015 article. "We've absolutely reached a fair result. The process worked. It's nice to have this chapter concluded."

Speaking with Global Competition Review on July 31, Baldridge said that the judge adopted Ranbaxy's argument in denying the injunction and called the order "a 100 per cent victory across the board. How do you get injunctive relief when you did not prevail? There was no violation."

In addition to Baldridge, the Venable team also included partners Lisa Jose Fales and Danielle Foley.