March 24, 2016

Mike Volpe quoted in Bloomberg BNA and Daily Journal on verdict in suit against law school over employment stats

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Venable partner Mike Volpe was quoted in March 24, 2016, Bloomberg BNA and Daily Journal articles on a suit against Thomas Jefferson School of Law by a former student who claims the school misrepresented post-graduation employment statistics. Despite graduating at the top of her class, the plaintiff was unable to find employment and alleged the school committed fraud by deceptively inflating its employment statistics with part-time and non-legal work in order to recruit students. Following deliberations, the jury rejected the student’s claims and ruled in favor of the law school.

Volpe, who represented two law schools in similar suits that were ultimately dismissed, told Bloomberg BNA that law students face an uphill battle in these types of suits because they are "sophisticated consumers who should certainly know that there is no guarantee of employment" after graduation.

Speaking with the Daily Journal, Volpe added, "The legal theories that have been espoused by the plaintiffs, including fraud and statutory claims, have not been supported by the evidence provided."