September 19, 2016

Baltimore Business Journal quotes Andrew Currie on business defaulting on loans

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Venable partner Andrew Currie was quoted in a September 19, 2016 Baltimore Business Journal article on how banks react to businesses defaulting on a loan. The article focuses on the recent failure of a company that bought unused gift cards and resold them. Despite growing revenue and national recognition, the company was forced out of business after defaulting on bank loans.

"In general if a company is not making payments on its loan, whatever the underlying nature, a bank may exercise some patience, but at a certain point that will run out," said Currie. "At a certain point, the bank will just say 'We made a loan and you're not paying it and we have to foreclose.'" He added that it is "not uncommon for lenders to freeze a borrower's accounts for collateral so that the remaining money doesn't go out to consumers and they can still get a return on the investment."