September 01, 2016

Washington Lawyer interviews Doug Green on courting new clients

2 min

Venable partner Doug Green was interviewed in a September 1, 2016 Washington Lawyer article on best practices for courting new clients.

"It's different with every potential new client, but the fundamentals have always remained the same, even in this era of new business trends: You've got to provide excellent client service, which means excellent legal work, responsiveness, and showing that you care and are knowledgeable about your client's business and needs. Put your client first, and get to know as much about them and their needs as you can. The firm has to show the client how they can distinguish themselves from the competition, or positively supplement the client's existing relationships with other firms," said Green.

"Venable is very sensitive when it comes to the need to demonstrate to clients that we're providing value for our services, and how we approach every new client is done on a case-by-case basis. We court clients in a way that makes good business sense for the client. For example, we offer free seminars and Webinars on a wide array of educational topics of interest to clients, some of which may not be directly related to their business, but which they're interested in nonetheless. These events allow them to meet us and get to know us on a personal level. They really appreciate that."