October 31, 2016

Pensions & Investments quotes Mark Vecchio on infrastructure investments

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Venable partner Mark Vecchio was quoted in an October 31, 2016, Pensions & Investments article on infrastructure investments. Pension funds and other asset owners have taken an increased interest in U.S. infrastructure investment lately with fundraising approaching record levels in the third quarter.

"The vast majority of asset owners invest in infrastructure through funds because they lack the internal capabilities to invest directly, but there is a growing appetite by public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other asset owners for direct investment," said Vecchio. "Definitely more public pension funds and sovereign wealth funds would more likely be involved."

Commenting on the impact of the upcoming election, Vecchio said, "There is now some enthusiasm because of the noise by the (presidential) campaigns on both sides about the importance of investment in infrastructure." He added, "Whether the new president and Congress end up enhancing existing infrastructure programs or creating the national infrastructure bank that President Barack Obama has called for, any enhancement of infrastructure financing would entice more investment in U.S. infrastructure."