June 28, 2017

WL Journal IP quotes Andrew Price on the recent Supreme Court win by "The Slants," a rock band, regarding the disparagement clause and the subsequent impact on the "Redskins" trademark

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Venable partner Andrew Price was quoted by WL Journal IP on the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision over federal registration of THE SLANTS trademark and its impact on the future of the Washington Redskins football team's trademarks and third-party brands. In speculation about how this is really a win for the Redskins but a non-event for most organizations, Price said, "The team should consider changing their score-celebrating song to 'Hail to The Slants.' Most organizations will go about their business as usual, however, and continue to self-select brands that are most likely to appeal to everyone. It is the marketplace, not the Trademark Office, that decides whether brands really win or lose."