Venable New York Real Estate team joins residents, staff, and board of The New Jewish Home at its annual summer barbecue

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On July 26, 2017, lawyers from Venable’s Real Estate Group in New York gathered with residents at The New Jewish Home to celebrate summer with a lunchtime barbecue. This is one of many events The New Jewish Home holds for its residents living in the Manhattan campus on West 106th Street.

The Venable team and other volunteers were assigned to prepare food, and escort residents to and from the dining area. The Venable team also had the opportunity to socialize with the residents. The New Jewish Home and Venable have worked together for many years on real estate and construction matters, including a planned innovative new residence, The Living Center of Manhattan.

An eldercare landmark for nearly 170 years, The New Jewish Home is a nonprofit that provides healthcare and assistance for New York’s seniors, with eldercare locations in Manhattan, Westchester, and the Bronx as well as in-home care for older adults.

Michael C. Phillipou, Suzanne St. Pierre, Peter G. Koffler, Jordan G. Zimolka, Sharon M. Connelly, and Ashley A. Dunn attended the barbecue along with Dale Cooper, The New Jewish Home’s Associate General Counsel, and Peter Hess, a member of their board.