September 28, 2017

Law360 quotes Fred Wagner on the Federal Highway Administration’s greenhouse gas emissions regulation

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Fred Wagner was quoted in Law360 on September 28, 2017, in an article discussing the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) decision to reinstate deadlines for a regulation intended to curb greenhouse gas emissions on national highways. This decision was made in response to litigation from environmental advocates who claimed the administration illegally suspended the standard without notice. However, the move is temporary, as the Trump administration has declared to repeal the rule through a formal process.

"It’s just a placeholder, and the DOT and FHWA said the preliminary reporting requirements would not be burdensome in terms of agencies figuring out how are we going to do this, if we need to do this, and what types of tools can they use," said Wagner.

"It wasn’t surprising because [FHWA] didn’t have an opportunity to address the portion of the rule to revisit yet," Wagner added. "The question for them now is are we going to stick with the reporting dates, the first of which comes up in October 2018, or are we going to do something else?"