September 11, 2017

Susan Golden quoted in Multi-Housing News about how to prepare and recover from a hurricane

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Venable partner Susan Golden was quoted in Multi-Housing News on September 7, 2017, about elements of the rebuilding process that may occur after the damage done by Hurricane Harvey is assessed. In order for the rebuilding process to begin, communities need federal recovery grants that typically require public participation in the planning process, environmental and historic preservation review, and consideration of future resilience and sustainability.

"The design of new coastal protection measures or rebuilding resilient water, power, and telecommunications infrastructure has regional implications and is likely to involve both government and private owners. It is critical to establish a framework for diverse entities to work together,” said Golden. “At the hyper local level, consider the cumulative implications of construction workers and trucks descending on a single neighborhood in which many properties are being restored all at once. Coordinated logistics management would help avoid the otherwise inevitable congestion, delays and disputes."