February 27, 2018

International Tax Review quotes Friedemann Thomma in an article about how the U.S. tax reform casts an uncertain shadow over M&A

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Friedemann Thomma was quoted in International Tax Review on February 27, 2018, in an article that examines how the deals market is adapting to the tax changes.

"We had quite a bit of deal flow towards the end of 2017," Friedemann Thomma said in an interview. "It was very much driven by the impending tax reform bill and there were several deals we handled which wanted to accelerate income," says Thomma. "On the corporate side of things, we had a number of transactions in the pipeline and these deals were delayed until the tax reforms were passed."

In further remarks to the reporter, Thomma said, "M&A does not do well with uncertainty on risk exposure. These deals do very well in terms of risk, but not in terms of quantifying risk. The new rules will make it more difficult to quantify the tax exposure and the tax risk of each deal. This difficulty means there could be an adverse impact on M&A."