April 05, 2018

E&E News quotes Fred Wagner on the impact D.J. Gribbin's departure will have on Trump's infrastructure plan

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Fred Wagner was quoted on April 5, 2018, in E&E News in an article about the former special assistant to the president for infrastructure policy, D.J. Gribbin, abruptly leaving the White House, and thus, signaling the end of the infrastructure push in Congress.

D.J. Gribbin is "moving on to other opportunities" now that Trump's $200 billion infrastructure plan has been handed over to Congress, the White House said.

"I think it's ultimately a big deal. It isn't just one more voice," said Mr. Wagner. "[Gribbin] was in many ways the leading voice for the principles and concepts that were the foundation of the infrastructure plan."

A former White House aide said Gribbin likely left because there's no pathway for the president's $1 trillion infrastructure package this year, a sentiment echoed on social media.

The move came as a surprise to those who expected Gribbin would stick around to stump for proposals he helped write and marks the departure of yet another experienced policy operative from a White House that has struggled to retain staffers.