Venable participates in the National Black Law Student Association's 50th Annual Convention, Serves as the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial sponsor

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Venable is proud to have been the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial sponsor for NBLSA's 50th Annual Convention in Brooklyn, New York on March 13-17, 2018.

Claude Bailey, Julien Bowers, Caroline Gately, and Ebony Thompson served as mock trial judges throughout the week. The national competition was between the top three teams for each of BLSA's six regional competitions. Nora Garrote and Lindsay Meyer presented the award to the competition winner, The George Washington University Law School Black Law Students Association.

Jessie Beeber, Rishi Kapoor, and Alexandra Megaris participated in NBLSA's first #NBLSAConnects, which gave first-year law students the opportunity to practice interview and network with attorneys.

The mission of the NBLSA is to increase the number of culturally responsible black and minority attorneys who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

To learn more about the mission of the National Black Law Students Association and the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial, please visit the NBLSA website.