August 21, 2018

IPPro The Internet features Justin Pierce in a Q&A about the dark web of counterfeits

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On August 21, 2018, Justin Pierce was featured in a Q&A in IPPro The Internet about how infringers are inevitably turning to the dark web to peddle fake goods as counterfeiters have shifted their activities online. Here is an excerpt:

How have counterfeiters shifted their activities to the dark web?

Certain counterfeiters have expanded beyond well-known online ecommerce platforms to offer fake goods on dark web marketplaces. Few counterfeiters use the dark web exclusively, however, they do take advantage of the anonymity and encryption of the dark web to sell counterfeit pharmaceuticals or high-end counterfeit consumer goods. Certain entities use the dark web as a medium to advertise and market illegally obtained or stolen intellectual property to the highest bidder, or other interested buyers. Typically, these entities will provide a way for buyers to express interest, for example, via encrypted communication, and then either seek to close the deal via cryptocurrency payment or even offline.