July 02, 2020

Law360 Quotes Ashley Craig on the Most Essential International Trade Developments of 2020 So Far

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On July 2, 2020, Ashley Craig was quoted in a Law360article that discusses most essential international trade developments of 2020 so far.

According to the article, the public health crisis spurred by the outbreak of COVID-19 quickly sent shock waves through international trade circles. The shuttering of manufacturing hubs in China and elsewhere snarled global supply chains, and governments were forced to grapple with the challenges of acquiring the materials needed to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Overall trade has begun to bounce back after initial projections forecast a downturn on par with the Great Depression, but businesses across a number of industries are still wrestling with how best to adjust to the new commercial climate.

"Even after the virus curve is finally flattened, we will likely be living in the 'post-COVID' regulatory environment for the foreseeable future, as in years," said Craig. "That's why it is so important to be following what is happening in the industry right now."

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