August 04, 2020

Kevin Shepherd Elected as ABA Treasurer

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At the conclusion of the American Bar Association annual meeting on August 4, 2020, Kevin Shepherd assumed the officer position of treasurer of the ABA for a three-year term. The ABA is the world’s largest voluntary association of lawyers and other legal professionals, and has an annual budget of approximately $165 million. Kevin concluded a one-year term as treasurer-elect and an unprecedented second one-year term as chair of the ABA Board of Governors’ Finance Committee. Kevin is the first Venable lawyer to serve as an elected officer of the ABA, and is only the third Maryland lawyer in the last century to serve as an elected ABA officer. The ABA treasurer is one of the five elected officers of the ABA, along with the president, the president-elect, the chair of the House of Delegates, and the secretary. Kevin will continue to serve on the ABA’s Executive Committee during his three-year term as treasurer.