September 02, 2020

NCPP Quotes Justin Pierce on Efforts to Address the Lack of Diversity in the Patent Profession

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On September 2, 2020, Justin Pierce was quoted by the National Council on Patent Practicum (NCPP) on efforts to address the systemic lack of diversity in the patent profession.

According to the article, the lack of diversity in the intellectual property profession is particularly acute when it comes to patent law, because of barriers in science education and a lack of visible mentors. Additionally, law firms that are focused on inclusion frequently do not address foundational problems when it comes to recruiting diverse patent professionals.

In order to address these issues, the NCPP created the Women and Minority Scholarship for applicants pursuing careers in the patent industry and striving to earn their Certified Patent Practitioner (CPP) credential, creating a pipeline of diverse candidates who are looking for support to receive the training and mentorship they need to enter the profession.

“What I like about this program is that it is actionable and the results are tangible. It is an easy way for law firms and corporate entities to support and increase diversity within the patent profession,” said Pierce.

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