November 10, 2020

LP Gas Magazine Features Ron Taylor on Why OSHA Requirements Matter

1 min

On November 3, 2020, Ron Taylor was featured in LP Gas Magazine on why Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations should stay top of mind, even for small businesses like propane operations. The following is an excerpt:

Taylor says he hears business leaders use four top excuses for skirting OSHA requirements:

  1. The chances that I’ll get inspected are low.
  2. Penalties are low. I can treat them as business expenses and move on.
  3. None of my competitors are doing this.
  4. I do what I can. My employees need to be more responsible and use common sense.

He emphasizes that none of these excuses are valid defenses against an OSHA claim. When it comes to blaming employees, Taylor reminds marketers it is a business’ duty to provide a safe workplace. Employee misconduct is defensible, says Taylor, but only if the company specifies a rule, trains employees on that rule and enforces the rule to ensure compliance.

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