November 12, 2020

Nextgov Quotes Grant Schneider on Importance of Government-Industry Cooperation in Developing Supply Chain Strategy

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On November 12, 2020, Grant Schneider was quoted in Nextgov on the importance of government-industry cooperation in developing a proactive supply chain strategy.

According to the article, a trade association that represents companies from the information and communications technology industry recently published guidance suggesting the Biden administration establish a means by which the Federal Acquisition Security Council (FASC) can work with industry experts to develop a comprehensive and uniform supply chain security policy.

Schneider, a former federal chief information security officer, acknowledged the importance of the private-sector contribution to the process and identified three elements necessary to make public-private engagement effective.

“When I chaired the FASC, I understood the importance of working with industry to ensure government was not missing relevant information which may only be available to industry,” Schneider told Nextgov. “In order to be successful and truly enhance our national security, the partnership must meet three criteria; first, it must include supply chain experts from a broad set of industries including technology, telecom, healthcare, financial services, and others; secondly, the information sharing must be bi-directional information sharing between industry and government; third, information shared between the government and industry must be adequately protected.”

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