February 26, 2021

Above the Law Quotes Nick Reiter on How the Pandemic Era Continues to Challenge Employers

1 min

On February 26, 2021, Venable partner Nick Reiter was quoted in Above the Law on an ever-evolving assortment of issues employers are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“One of the big questions for 2021 and beyond is how much telecommuting is here to stay,” said Reiter. “Now, what happens when an employee insists on performing his or her job remotely? We’re going to see what happens as the vaccine becomes more widely available, the infection rate slows down, and employers ask employees to come back to work.”

Many companies have had to navigate federal economic stimulus programs as well as the rise of the work-at-home employee. “We advised a lot of our clients on payroll protection issues,” Reiter said. “We worked really closely with our legislative affairs and government affairs departments to advise our clients on eligibility for payroll protection funding and to be more forward-looking regarding what they’re going to do to make sure they remain eligible.”

Employment attorneys may find themselves drawing on many areas of the law to properly serve their clients. “We have a great practice at Venable with a lot of resources,” Reiter said. “That’s the beauty of being with a full-service firm.”

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