April 03, 2021

Venable Ranked Seventh in Procuring U.S. Utility Patents in 2020

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On April 3, 2021, the sixth annual U.S. Utility Patent Toteboard ranked Venable seventh for the number of U.S. utility patents obtained for clients in 2020. The ranking is published by the Ant-Like Persistence blog and is based on surveys submitted by firms in early 2021.

Venable attorneys are leaders in developing strategies for this new era of patent law. Led by a team of experienced patent attorney-scientists and engineers from a broad variety of technical disciplines, we have prepared and prosecuted tens of thousands of patents worldwide for U.S. and international clients. We strive to obtain the broadest possible scope of claim coverage for our clients, while trying to reduce prosecution history estoppel. To ensure quality, we employ standard controls at the various stages in the life cycle of a patent application. Venable's historical issue rate for U.S. patent applications is significantly greater than the allowance rate of the USPTO.