April 22, 2021

Commercial Observer Features Q&A with Zach Williams and Matt Allman on Inclusionary Zoning Regulations

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On April 22, 2021, Zach Williams and Matt Allman were featured in a Commercial Observer Q&A on the Washington, DC Zoning Commission’s Inclusionary Zoning program. The following is an excerpt:

Talk about the new regulations and what developers need to know. 

Williams: For certain residential developments which involve a zoning map amendment, the new IZ+ regulations require a mandatory “set aside” of residential units which must be committed as affordable housing. It’s critical for any developer considering a residential project in the District to analyze the legal and financial impacts of the Inclusionary Zoning program regulations early in the development process.

I understand there are still some tweaks to come. What might we see?

Allman: The District is continuing to work on possible adjustments to the Inclusionary Zoning program. We expect that there will be some technical revisions for building height thresholds, as well as some more substantive regulations which will govern application of the Inclusionary Zoning program in commercial-to-residential building conversions.

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