June 28, 2021

By Joining the Mansfield Rule 5.0 Cohort, Venable Underscores Its Commitment to Diversity in Leadership

2 min

Venable is pleased to announce its participation in the Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification process coordinated by Diversity Lab. Our involvement builds on the firm’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels and extends Venable’s endeavors to integrate diversity and inclusion across our business practices.

Named for Arabella Mansfield, the first woman admitted to the practice of law in the United States, the goal of the Mansfield Rule is to boost the representation of historically underrepresented lawyers in law firm leadership. Participating law firms track and measure the extent to which they have affirmatively considered women, lawyers from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, lawyers with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ lawyers for top leadership roles, senior-level lateral hiring, promotions into the equity partnership, and participation in client pitch meetings.

The Mansfield Rule has helped firms advance their long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion through new processes and measurement tools and knowledge sharing with other firms.  The review process will launch on July 15, 2021 and will run through July 14, 2022. Nora Garrote, partner in charge of Diversity and Inclusion, will lead our efforts with support from a team of attorneys and business professionals.

More information about the Mansfield Rule and participating can be found at the Diversity Lab’s webpage. Updates on Venable’s diversity and inclusion programming, progress, and new developments can be found in the firm’s brochure.