Venable Sponsors DRI Diversity for Success Seminar

1 min

Venable is pleased to announce its sponsorship of this year’s Defense Research Institute (DRI) Diversity for Success Seminar. Diversity is a core value at DRI, and participation in this seminar will allow our attorneys to engage in discussions on how law firm leaders and corporate law departments are handling the new, remote environment in the post-pandemic world and how it is affecting the recruitment and retention of diverse talent.

This year’s seminar will take place in Denver, Colorado from May 11 to May 13. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear from and network with in-house counsel and potential referral sources. They will learn the importance of wellness and self-care and the nuts and bolts of business development.

DRI is the largest international membership organization of attorneys defending the interests of businesses and individuals in civil litigation. Membership in DRI provides access to resources and tools for attorneys who strive to provide high-quality, balanced, and excellent service to their clients and corporations. DRI is host to 29 substantive committees whose focus is to develop ongoing and critical dialogue about areas of practice.