October 17, 2022

Nonprofit Times Features Eric Berman’s Representation of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers

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On October 17, 2022, Eric Berman was featured in the Nonprofit Times for his representation of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers (ANM) in a postage dispute with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

According to the article, ANM filed a Motion for Reconsideration with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), reacting to the USPS’s letter to the PRC and the regulator’s response letter, which would change established regulatory costing methodologies without due process.

The changes would enable the USPS to add 1% or more to next July’s rate hikes by calculating the “mail density” add-on authorized by the regulator, costing mailers more than $400 million, according to Stephen Kearney, executive director of ANM in Washington, DC.

The ANM board of directors “considered the unilateral USPS action at a recent meeting and instructed us to take action. ANM General Counsel Eric Berman took the lead in drafting this Motion and was joined by attorneys representing the Association for Postal Commerce, the News Media Alliance, and the National Postal Policy Council. Nine other associations also signed the letter,” according to Kearney.

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