May 10, 2023

The Northern California Record Quotes Bill Sloan on the Push to Speed up California’s Approved Water Storage Plans

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On May 10, 2023, the Northern California Record quoted Bill Sloan on the push to speed up work on California’s approved water storage plans.

According to the article, Californians are concerned about where water storage projects stand and why the state still hasn’t completed new projects despite having funding approved by voters almost a decade ago.

Whenever new storage capacity is delayed or unavailable, there is a lost opportunity, said Sloan.

“Especially when we have substantial precipitation like these past several months,” he said. “Given the severity of drought conditions we have experienced, California needs every tool in the toolbelt to best manage its limited available water resources. The potential new storage projects will not solve the water issues California faces, but each incremental addition helps us down the road to be better prepared. Also, measuring these projects against statewide needs can often distort their value—the projects can have very meaningful benefits for the specific localities that will have access to the water,” said Sloan.

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