January 05, 2024

Bloomberg Law Quotes Harley Geiger on AI Copyright Hacking Exceptions

1 min

On January 5, 2024, Bloomberg Law quoted Harley Geiger about the possible impacts of exceptions for AI copyright hacking projects. According to the article, policy groups told the U.S. Copyright Office that allowing hackers to circumvent digital security measures to probe AI models for bias and discrimination would boost transparency in the new and polarizing technology.

Discussing the office’s consideration of the proposal, Geiger explained that the question is “whether or not we want to rely entirely on the providers of AI systems to ensure that our systems are trustworthy and fair, and don’t produce harmful content.” He added that this discussion explores “whether it should be a hacking crime, to forbid independent researchers from testing those AI systems to help ensure that they are trustworthy and fair.”

Comments opposing the exemption are due later this year. “If that pattern holds, then there may well be some opposition,” Geiger said.

“The AI hacking space is going to go through a similar process of maturity that security research went through,” he added, “where they come to accept, embrace, and then leverage independent research into the fairness and trustworthiness of the systems.”

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