April 05, 2024

Environmental Professionals RADIO Features Fred Wagner in an Interview Regarding NEPA, the Supreme Court, and the Cherry Blossom Festival

1 min

On April 5, 2024, Fred Wagner was featured on Environmental Professionals RADIO, where he discussed NEPA, the future of the Supreme Court, and DC’s acclaimed Cherry Blossom Festival. The following is an excerpt:

It has now become pretty clear that it's not just one issue of administrative law. It's the entire sort of spectrum of important legal issues that affect administrative law. So the Chevron cases will come out, probably at the end of June, because they'll be one of the last couple decisions that the court issues. And based on the arguments, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that the principle of Chevron deference will be either eliminated or severely constrained. And what that means is, again, it's a further onus on Congress, to be specific and clear because Chevron deference said if there's something ambiguous in the statute, we rely on the expertise of the agency to get anything done.

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