July 26, 2012 - 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM ET

Association of Corporate Counsel Webcast: "Poring over Your Foundation: Making Sure Your Nonprofit's Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage Matches Your Expectations (and Vice-Versa)"

This event has already occurred.
Association of Corporate Counsel
Nonprofit Organizations Committee

Update:  This event has already occurred. Please click here for presentation slides.

Day by day, nonprofit organization build their reputations and services to withstand reasonably foreseeable challenges to success. Directors and officers liability insurance coverage is one way to address not-as-foreseeable challenges. But as nonprofits purchase insurance policies to protect against surprises, you don’t want the policies themselves to be a source of new ones. Moreover, purchasing more insurance policies and increasing their limits are not always the most efficient or effective ways to avoid those surprises. This webcast – led by a seasoned attorney with extensive experience advising nonprofits on insurance coverage matters – will address how D&O coverage typically fits into risk management plans for nonprofit organizations, how to match potential risk with D&O coverage, ways to shore up that coverage and close or minimize coverage gaps, potential cracks to identify in the types of coverage typically purchased by nonprofits, and how to improve your changes of receiving insurance benefits when those risks become real claims.

Amy Pena, Esq., Senior Attorney, Lions Club International

David S. Gray, Esq., Of Counsel, Venable LLP

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