July 08, 2014 - 3:00 PM ET

Legal Quick Hit: "Key Trademark and Copyright Rules for Nonprofits to Follow – and Break!" for the Association of Corporate Counsel's Nonprofit Organizations Committee

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Join us for a Legal Quick Hit as two of Venable's top IP lawyers bring trademark and copyright law to life. Our speakers will identify the rules nonprofits must follow – and the rules they can break!

The trademark portion of the program will explore a variety of rules and practices, including the increasing trend of brand owners ‘verbing up’ their own marks and, in some cases, deliberately disrupting their own logos. The traditional rule of proper trademark use says brands must be used as adjectives and in a consistent manner. Does your nonprofit’s brand qualify as breaking the rule? Can your brand be used as a verb or in a flexible, fluid, and living manner?

The Quick Hit will then turn to copyright law, where our speakers will explore best practices for nonprofits in protecting, leveraging, and licensing their valuable content to others, the role of copyright registration and copyright notices, and how to effectively secure the copyrightable contributions of your volunteers. They also will review how to avoid the copyright pitfalls and manage the challenges in the ever-evolving age of social media, as well as how to take advantage of the federal protections available regarding potentially infringing third-party content posted on your nonprofit's sites, and tips of the trade for minimizing the risk of copyright infringement claims.

Andrew D. Price, Esq., Partner, Venable LLP
Justin E. Pierce, Esq., Partner, Venable LLP

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