October 5, 2017 - ET

"What Legal Aid Programs Need to Know About the FLSA," a Management Information Exchange webinar

This event has already occurred.

This webinar addressed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and how Legal Aid, and other employers, can incorporate the law’s requirements in their organizations’ policies and procedures.

The changes proposed by President Obama in 2016 were delayed, but legal aid programs need to make sure that their policies and record keeping procedures comply with the current requirements and they are ready to adjust to the anticipated changes when they are implemented.

Legal aid managers across the country have expressed interest in a number of FLSA issues which was covered in this webinar including:

  • Independent contractors, for example, CPAs who come into an organization regularly to supplement the work of fiscal staff;
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt status for paralegals, administrative managers;
  • Comp time for exempt/nonexempt staff, for example, union contracts which provide comp time;
  • Documentation for work performed off site or during travel;
  • Dealing with the 24/7 office culture using both employer issued and personal technology and devices;
  • Updates on the overtime rule, for example, attorneys practicing law, legal aid attorneys earning less than the proposed new salary amounts.

Ron Taylor, Esq., Partner, Labor and Employment Practice, Venable LLP
Lily Reynolds, Esq., Associate, Labor and Employment Practice, Venable LLP