December 05, 2017 - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET

"Sweepstakes, Raffles and Other Contests: Everything Your Nonprofit Client Needs to Know to Stay out of Trouble," a Webinar Presented by ACC's Nonprofit Organizations Committee and Venable LLP

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Sweepstakes, contests and raffles have always been popular tools for nonprofits looking to fundraise and generate "buzz." But while there is nothing new about using a prize promotion to raise funds, nonprofits are finding increasingly creative ways to partner with brands and other third parties to increase the impact of their charitable promotions, using new media such as social and crowdfunding platforms to expand their reach and leverage their results. Conducting a prize promotion using new media can implicate a host of legal and practical issues, in addition to the specific laws regulating charitable promotions, commercial co-ventures and raffles, including consumer protection, federal tax exemption, copyright and trademark, privacy, and telemarketing rules, among others. Even the social media platforms have their own rules – rules which must be complied with or a nonprofit risks having its promotion shut down. The regulatory and technical landscape governing social and mobile media is evolving quickly, and nonprofit organizations using new media to run charitable promotions must adapt and be cognizant of the potential legal issues and pitfalls.

This webcast will help your nonprofit avoid the kind of costly promotional mistakes that can lead to legal liability and reputational damage, as a pair of Venable's promotions lawyers – who work regularly with the firm's nonprofit clients in this area – provide an overview of the law and give you the practical advice you need to help your clients structure compliant and successful prize promotions. As always, the webcast will include plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and inquire about challenges specific to your organization.

Jessica Borowick, Esq., Associate, Regulatory Practice, Venable LLP
Melissa Steinman, Esq., Partner, Advertising and Marketing Practice, Venable LLP
Sara Hall, Esq.,Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, St Jude Children's Research Hospital

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