September 26 - 30, 2023

Corporate Counsel Women of Color Nineteenth Annual Career Strategies Conference

This event has already occurred.
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
National Harbor, MD

As Diamond Sponsor of the Corporate Counsel Women of Color Conference in Washington, DC, Venable Celebrates and Supports Diversity and Inclusion

Venable proudly sponsored the Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC) conference in Washington, DC, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to diversity and empowerment within the legal profession. The event, held during the final week of September, served as a vibrant platform for several of Venable’s accomplished female partners and counsel to engage with like-minded professionals. In addition to the sponsorship, Venable hosted an event for clients, with opportunities for guests to take professional headshots and make personalized perfume scents.

Several of Venable's accomplished women attorneys—Lisa Tavares, Belinda Vega, Claudia Lewis, Gueter Aurelien, Prajakta Sonalker, Kelly DeMarchis Bastide, Saminaz Akhter, Paula Hopkins, Xochitl Strohbehn, Thomasina Poirot, Heidi Rowe, and Leo Vaccaro Padrón—attended the conference and welcomed nearly 80 clients and other in-house counsel to the private gathering. Jenn Reddien, Venable’s CDEIO, also attended. We took the opportunity to have members of this cross-practice and cross-office team together in one room to capture a group photo.

CCWC Group 2023

A significant highlight of the conference was the insightful contributions of Lisa Tavares and Claudia Lewis, who shared their expertise on the program "Maximum Impact: Building your Brand for Longevity,” which more than 1,000 conference goers attended. Lisa also participated in a panel, “Addressing the Elephant in the Room (The ‘Isms,’ Sponsorship, and Career Reinvention).”

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Venable Attendees

 Lisa Tavares

Lisa A. Tavares, Partner

Employee Benefits

 Lewis Claudia

Claudia A. Lewis, Partner


 Heidi Henning Rowe

Heidi H. Rowe, Partner

Construction Law

 Vega Belinda

Belinda M. Vega, Partner


Gueter Aurelien

Gueter Aurelien, Partner


Thomasina Poitrot

Thomasina E. Poirot, Counsel

Product Liability


Prajakta A. Sonalker, Partner

IP-Life Sciences

 Kelly Bastide

Kelly DeMarchis Bastide, Partner


 Strohbehn Xochitl

Xochitl S. Strohbehn, Partner


 Saminaz Akhter

Saminaz Akhter, Partner


Paula Hopkins

Paula E. Hopkins, Associate



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