October 22 - 25, 2023

Association of Corporate Counsel

Venable Proudly Sponsors Association of Corporate Counsel’s 2023 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas

Henry B. González Convention Center
900 E. Market Street
San Antonio, TX
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Venable proudly sponsors the Association of Corporate Counsel’s 2023 Annual Meeting taking place at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

This year's conference is packed with practical, interactive, and engaging learning formats — microlearning (think TED-style Talks), panel sessions, roundtables, and workshops aimed to help attendees from around the world dig deep into critical subject matters.

This year we have 3 of our own Venable attorneys speaking on various subjects.

Venable partner and Advertising and Marketing Group Chair, Len Gordon, will present “It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Do’s and Don’ts of Green Advertising.”

A well-thought-out green advertising campaign can be very successful, but green claims are under legal scrutiny. Competitors, non-governmental organizations, and regulators across the globe are regularly checking green, eco, carbon, and sustainability-related claims on the market. Explore how an international, green advertising campaign can be successful and compliant across borders, discuss claims that should be avoided, and examine the upcoming Green Advertising Directives of the EU, which will completely change the landscape of sustainability advertising.

Venable partner and Intellectual Property Division Chair, Justin Pierce, will present “R2D2, You Know Better Than to Trust a Strange Robot: GPT is Starting to Sound like C-3PO.” Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) is an artificial intelligence tool that can answer questions, write songs, stories, and essays. GPT is changing the way we interact with technology – and the way technology interacts with us. It does not just create content; it creates ethical quandaries, too. But with its challenges come opportunities. Join this interactive panel as it discusses the privacy, ethical, and legal issues facing “the largest neural network” to date.

Venable counsel, Judith Kim, will present “A New Frontier, DEI Committees, and their Counsel.”

Increasingly, nonprofit corporations are strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) systems and practices. Boards have established, or are establishing, DEI Committees and relying on in-house counsel to support the work of requisite oversight. As a result, nonprofit corporate counsel are examining novel topics within a developing area of practice to include corporate and employment law considerations. Join this session to discover solutions and expert advice and join a Q&A and idea exchange.

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Len Gordon, Partner and Advertising and Marketing Group Chair
Justin Pierce, Partner and Intellectual Property Division Chair
Judith Kim, Counsel