October 02, 2023 - ET


Data and Payment Access – The Key to Winning Tech Savvy Consumers

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Atlanta, GA

Venable attorney Jonathan Pompan will present " Data and Payment Access – The Key to Winning Tech Savvy Consumers" at LEND360 in Atlanta on October 2, 2023.

Data & Payment Access – The Key to Winning Tech Savvy Consumers


Jose Bethancourt, Co-founder & CEO Method Financial
Ema Rouf CEO & Co-founder
Zaine Salim CEO Atlas Fin

The percentage of Millenials and Gen Xers with megabank accounts has dropped in half over the past two years. More than half (55.7%) of Gen Zers prioritize mobile banking as a top factor when choosing a bank. The use of alternative data, combined with embedded payment solutions, is driving the lift for the major players in fintech to win over these tech-savvy consumers. But for many in the industry, existing data infrastructure is outdated, the idea of alt data overwhelming, and the ability to modernize payments is daunting. In this panel, discover ways to seamlessly incorporate real-time data and payment technology to meet these incumbents head-on by building frictionless, full-service financial management ecosystems to attract and retain this growing audience base.

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