March 20 - 21, 2024


ACI’s 11th Annual Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum on Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

This event has already occurred.
New York City Bar Association
New York, NY

Venable is sponsoring ACI’s 11th Annual Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum on Cosmetics & Personal Care Products, where two of our very own will be presenting. On March 20, Laura Rich will be joined by two other panelists to discuss MoCRA and how the cosmetics industry is adapting to meet its substantial new compliance obligations. On March 21, Claudia Lewis will collaborate with her fellow panelists to discuss litigation activity within the industry and provide a report on class action and Prop 65 activity. Please see below for more details on each of their sessions:

Wednesday, March 20 at 8:30 a.m. ET

“MoCRA – One Year Later: Examining How the Cosmetics Industry Is Adapting to the New Regulatory Framework and Addressing Current Implementation Challenges”

With MoCRA officially implemented on December 29, 2023, it is crucial for industry stakeholders to understand the nuances of this transformative act and examine how the cosmetics industry is adapting to meet FDA’s new requirements. Join us for our opening panel of industry leaders as they:

  • Exchange their views on adjusting to the ever-changing regulatory landscape
  • Examine the industry’s reaction to MoCRA-driven changes
  • Address common industry concerns with MoCRA
  • Identify best practices for compliance and plan for future phases of implementation

Thursday, March 21 at 11 a.m. ET

“Litigation Landmines in Beauty: Status Report on Class Action and Prop 65 Activity”

The plaintiffs’ bar is becoming increasingly aggressive in targeting cosmetic and personal care companies in class action lawsuits. This critical session will explore the types of litigation that are currently impacting the sector, strategies for minimizing risk, and potential new areas of class action risk arising from MoCRA. Panelists will be

  • Taking a look at the latest cosmetic company practices that are triggering class action claims
  • Examining proactive measures that companies can implement to reduce the risk of class action litigation, including compliance strategies, accurate product labeling, and consumer education
  • Analyzing how MoCRA and heightened FDA enforcement are impacting litigation in the industry
    • What litigation trends are emerging?
    • Assessing recent FDA warning letters
    • Preparing for enforcement and potential new class actions
  • Exploring lessons from recent successes in class action lawsuits and the utilization of federal preemption as a defense strategy
Prop 65 Focus
  • Identifying the latest wave of plaintiffs’ claims made under Prop 65
  • Examining defenses the industry is employing
Spotlight on Chemical Hair Relaxer Litigation
  • Examining the recent wave of products liability and consumer protection lawsuits against hair relaxing/straightening products
  • Analyzing the allegations, common themes, legal nuances, and takeaways from these actions
  • Understanding how companies and their counsel should be reviewing product formulations and label claims to mitigate litigation risks associated with the presence of allegedly harmful phthalates, parabens, or phenols

Please click here for the agenda, and if you’re interested in attending, click here for registration.