December 2007

The Guide to Federal and State Regulation of Advertising, Volume 1

2 min

Venable's Advertising, Marketing and New Media Group have published The Guide to Federal and State Regulation of Advertising, 2007. The Guide is a comprehensive overview of the law in this complex and dynamic area, intended to inform marketers of best practices for developing a meaningful marketing campaign and help them navigate the complex landscape of state and federal advertising laws.

The Guide is intended to be a practical device, truly guiding your advertising conduct. In addition to summarizing the relevant laws, it offers illustrative examples of claims which are inappropriate and the consequences of those failings. Moreover, a final chapter of the Guide offers some practical tips on how to deal with a charge of deceptive advertising, and how to challenge an advertisement of a competitor that you deem to be unfair. The Guide is an invaluable reference -- Venable attorneys frequently use it while researching issues and advising clients, as it contains multiple 50 state surveys on various topics in advertising and marketing.

The Guide includes Volume I, addressing specific types of claims, Volume II, addressing relevant advertising laws in each state; also included are the actual text of the state's most relevant statutes and regulations. The entire Guide is available in searchable CD-ROM format. If you wish to focus on specific issues such as price claims and advertising allowances; deceptive advertising; labeling issues, use of symbols, warranties and guarantees; mail, phone and broadcast advertising and credit advertising or privacy law, you can purchase these chapters individually.