October 13, 2011

Protect IP Act Update

1 min

The Protect IP Act remains on hold in the U.S. Senate due to a stop put in place by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR).  However, this proposed bill continues to receive a great deal of attention. On October 4, 2011, various business and labor groups made their case on Capitol Hill in support of this bill, focusing on the Act’s ability to protect American jobs. In addition, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently led a letter writing campaign comprised of 359 firms which wrote to each member of Congress urging them to pass the Protect IP Act. In contrast, a number of  organizations continue to vehemently oppose the bill. These organizations added a powerful voice to their ranks last week when the Tea Party officially denounced the bill.

While this bill continues to be on hold in the Senate, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to introduce its version of the Protect IP Act later this month. It is unclear exactly when the House bill will be introduced, or the context of the bill. One thing is for certain, this issue will surely heat up in the weeks to come.

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