October 2012

A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles and Presentations from the Third Quarter of 2012

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group is pleased to share below the best of our articles, presentations, and recordings of our monthly in-house nonprofit luncheon programs/webinars by our attorneys. These quarterly digests gather our most interesting and useful materials to help your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits. Please click here for our last (second quarter 2012) alert.

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group

To read any of these articles, alerts, handouts or PowerPoint presentations, or to listen to any of these recordings, please click on the title.

New FTC "Green Guides" Provision Sets Standards for the Use of Associations' Environmental Certifications and Seals of Approval in Advertising (Article)

Paying for the Best: Executive Compensation for Section 501(c)(3) Public Charities (White Paper)

Five Steps to Maximizing a Nonprofit's Insurance Coverage (Article)

Election-Year Issues for 501(c)(3) Organizations: How You Can and Cannot Get Involved in the Political Process (Article)

Don’t Play and Also Pay: What Nonprofit Employers Need to Know about Navigating the Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage Mandate (Article)

Payroll Pitfalls: How Nonprofit Employers Can Avoid Big Problems (PowerPoint Presentation)

Litigation Basics for Nonprofits: What to Do when a Complaint or Subpoena Is Served and Other Tips and Strategies (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

Privilege Considerations for Nonprofit In-House Counsel (PowerPoint Presentation)

Labor Pains: Computer Hacking by Employees of Nonprofits (Article)

Knockin’ on Your Association’s Door: What You Need to Know about Membership Restrictions and the Antitrust Laws (Article)

When Associations Attack: Beware Standing and Other Pitfalls when Suing on Behalf of Members (Article)

Framework for Nonprofit Legal Stewardship (PowerPoint Presentation)

Election-Year Activities for 501(c)(3)s: Being Involved without Intervening (PowerPoint Presentation)

How Nonprofits Can Raise Money and Awareness through Campaigns without Raising Legal Risk (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

Second in Series of Hearings on Tax-Exempt Sector Held by U.S. House of Reps. Ways and Means Subcommittee (Article)

Use Caution when Advertising around the Olympics (Article)

Nonprofit Chapters and Affiliates: Key Legal Issues, Pitfalls and Successful Strategies (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

The Next Generation of Nonprofit Executive Compensation: The Keys to Withstanding IRS Scrutiny (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

Online Social Media Legal Risks for Associations (Article)

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