July 2012

A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles and Presentations from the Second Quarter of 2012

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As we have done previously (e.g., click here for our first quarter 2012 alert), Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group will share the best of the nonprofit legal articles and PowerPoint presentations (and, for our in-house seminars/webinars, recordings of presentations) published or delivered by our attorneys. Our group has put together some very interesting, useful materials that should be of help to your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits.

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group

To read any of these articles, alerts, handouts or PowerPoint presentations, please click on the title.

Agreeing to Convene: Spotting and Solving the Most Common Event Contract Pitfalls (PowerPoint Presentation)

Antitrust Issues for Associations (PowerPoint Presentation)

The Next Generation of Nonprofit Executive Compensation: The Keys to Withstanding IRS Scrutiny (PowerPoint Presentation)

Ten Best Practices for Protecting Your Nonprofit’s Intellectual Property (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

Nonprofit Contracts: Best Practices, Negotiation Strategies, Practical Tips and Common Pitfalls (PowerPoint Presentation)

The Axeman Cometh: Avoid Common Blunders When Disciplining and Terminating Employees (PowerPoint Presentation)

Baby Steps, Big Consequences: How Minimal Efforts Can Maximize Nonprofits' Insurance Coverage (PowerPoint Presentation)

Nonprofit Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure: Action Needed (Article)

Nonprofit Contracts: Best Practices, Negotiation Strategies, Practical Tips, and Common Pitfalls (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

IRS to Focus on Housing Counseling Agencies (Article)

Tax-Exempt Organizations the Focus of Upcoming Congressional Hearings (Article)

The Top Ten Things You Need to Know about the New District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act (Article)

Election Year Issues for 501(c)(3) Organizations (PowerPoint Presentation)

Changes in Store for Group Tax Exemptions? (Article)

Social Media and Charitable Solicitation Considerations (PowerPoint Presentation)

Detecting and Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement in Your Nonprofit Organization (PowerPoint Presentation)

Lobbying and Political Activities: Rules of the Road for Nonprofits (PowerPoint Presentation) (Recording Available)

Top Ten Compensable Time Issues for Non-Exempt Employees (Article)