A legal tip for content creators and distributors, the perpetual duty of trademarking, and more in this issue of IP Buzz

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Tip for Creators, Publishers, and Distributors of Content: Consider Media Insurance

Does your company have a media insurance policy? Companies who create, publish or distribute media as part of their business should consider "media insurance" coverage before they find themselves needing it. Read more for the key points to consider with regard to media insurance.

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Marking: A Duty in Perpetuity

The Federal Circuit reminded us again that, while patent marking isn't required, failing to diligently mark your products and monitor your licensees' marking of a patented product has consequences. The patent marking statute generally provides that a patent owner may give notice to the public that a product is patented by marking the article in a method provided by the statute. While the statute is permissive, failure to mark results in damages being limited to infringement occurring after an infringer was notified of the infringement. If a patent owner's licensee fails to mark, damages are similarly limited.

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Patent Risk Management: Litigation and Dispute Strategies

May 4, 2017 | IP in the Auto Industry | Detroit, MI

Megan Woodworth will present on a panel during the IP in the Auto Industry conference. Utilizing a series of detailed infringement scenarios, panelists will consider the dispute resolution options available to rights holders and provide an update on what is happening in the court systems in the United States and beyond. Topics will include patent litigation trends in the U.S. and beyond, the effects of PTAB reviews on litigation strategy, an update on FRAND and standard-essential patent licensing, and the rise of specialists courts in Europe and Asia.

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Global Challenges and Creative Solutions for the Online Marketplace

May 18, 2017 | International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) 2017 Annual Spring Conference | Barcelona, Spain

Marcella Ballard will present on a panel during the IACC Spring Conference. This panel will examine trends in online counterfeiting issues to open a dialogue between rights holders and platforms. The discussion will touch on what brands and platforms can do to work together regarding what issues both sides are facing, and how to effectively and efficiently resolve these issues by collaboratively brainstorming, creating and using tools to improve platforms, and more.

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