September 6, 2017 | The Cipher Brief

Remember Cyber Risks When Rehashing NAFTA

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Ari Schwartz publishes "Remember Cyber Risks When Rehashing NAFTA" in the September 6, 2017 issue of The Cipher Brief. Below is a brief excerpt from the article.

With round one of renegotiations behind us, and round two scheduled to begin on September 1 in Mexico City, despite efforts to move quickly, there is still a pretty long road ahead for the next version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

When NAFTA was first negotiated in 1994, the information age was in its adolescence, and cybersecurity was not the headliner that it is today. The World Wide Web had been publicly accessible for just a couple of years, and the first web browser had just recently been introduced. Over 23 years later, the information age has matured significantly. Connected device technology and the broader Internet of Things have already proven great value to the economy and to society.