January 23, 2018 | Association Media and Publishing's Sidebar

It's a 'Brand' New Year for Nonprofits

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"It's a 'Brand' New Year for Nonprofits" by Venable partner, Andrew Price, was published in Association Media and Publishing's Sidebar newsletter on January 23, 2018. The article highlights five resolutions nonprofit organizations should consider regarding their brands. The resolutions are:

  1. We will not engage in naked licensing;
  2. We will not treat our credentialing marks as certification marks;
  3. We will break the right rules;
  4. We will avoid the Madrid Protocol; and
  5. We will place a high value on trademark registrations.

Price continues his advice by stating, "Now is a perfect time to build a trademark portfolio that reflects the importance of the nonprofit's brands and positions it most effectively to deal with expected threats to brand value. No one could have predicted what 2017 would hold for any of us — and the same is true for 2018."

The article was a republished Venable Nonprofit alert.