April 03, 2018 | The Daily Caller

Aviation Industry Can Find Its Salvation In A Trump-Based Jobs Plan

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"Aviation Industry Can Find Its Salvation In A Trump-Based Jobs Plan" was published by Venable partner, Jim Burnley, in The Daily Caller on April 3, 2018. Here is an excerpt:

Decades ago, the U.S. steel industry was a defining part of the American economy. It employed hundreds of thousands of men and women, helped send generations of young people to college and built one of the strongest middle classes in our country’s history. But even the strongest of industries are vulnerable if the U.S. government is indifferent to unfair foreign trade behavior. Cheap foreign steel, subsidized by governments around the world, flooded the U.S. market and drove thousands of steel mills out of business. Today, the steel industry is a shell of its former self. It’s a harsh reminder that the United States must always be vigilant against countries looking to take advantage of our trade deals to undermine and steal our business.