August 9, 2018

The latest autodialer discussions around new predictive dialer rulings, DOJ's new task force on market integrity, and more in this issue of Advertising Law News & Analysis

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Autodialers Toe the [Phone] Line

Our phones continue to randomly ring in part due to technological advancements in calling platforms, leading to new, notable TCPA developments to report on almost weekly. Venable's Dan Blynn outlines the latest autodialer discussions around the new predictive dialer rulings, which concluded that predictive dialers that dial from set lists of specific telephone numbers are autodialers. Although several courts have ruled on this issue, there still isn't a consensus on the proper approach. Last week, however, the Northern District of Illinois issued a well-reasoned and detailed decision that may help guide that debate – click the link to read about the recent developments.

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May the Task Force Be with You

The Department of Justice recently announced the formation of the Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud. Venable's Michael Blume breaks down the mandate from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – still the second-highest-ranking official at the DOJ – including what it seeks to accomplish and the implications for business owners. Click on the link to learn which industries the Task Force will aid and how.

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Johnson & Johnson Soaked in Inorganic Bath Wash

In a recent consumer class action, Langan v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., Langan, a Connecticut resident, sued J&J for violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA), alleging that two Aveeno Baby washes were deceptively marketed as containing "natural oat formula" when they allegedly contained only 1% natural ingredients. Click the link below to hear from Venable's Len Gordon, Taylor Chapman, and Matthew Renick as they discuss the Second Circuit's decision and important guidance on how courts and litigants deal with multi-state consumer class actions.

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