December 13, 2018

Advertising Law News and Analysis

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Celebrities Fail to Follow the Social Media Golden Rules

Previously on the blog, we shared three golden rules that influencers must follow when promoting products or services on social media platforms. In a recent article, Venable's Michael Blume and Katie Sheridan recap two celebrity social media fails and the SEC/FTC ramifications that followed.

DOJ Signals Changes to Its Corporate Enforcement Policy

Deciding whether to voluntarily disclose information to the government is difficult. Any guidance from the government as to what it expects from organizations and how it will reward self-disclosures, thus, should be welcome. Venable's Michael Blume, Warren Hamel, George Kostolampros, Kan Nawaday, and Stephen Salsbury discuss several changes to DOJ’s corporate enforcement policy that were recently announced. Click on the link to read about the two key policy differences between the Yates Memo and the updated DOJ policy.

There Is an Assault on the FTC's Powers--Can It Withstand the Battering?

The FTC has long claimed expansive authority under the FTC Act to obtain injunctions and monetary judgments. Its claim to that expansive authority is somewhat creative, however, and has always rested on a shaky foundation. Click on the link below to read an analysis by Venable's Michael Blume, Len Gordon, and John Cooney of important decisions that could impact the ability of the FTC to obtain injunctions.

Hemp Provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill

A conference report with the final text of the 2018 Farm Bill was released on Monday, clarifying the proposed legalization of industrial hemp and providing insight into the regulatory framework. With forecasts projecting that Congress plans to pass this version by the end of the week, companies involved in the hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) industries should take note of the proposed changes analyzed by Venable's Todd Harrison, Todd Halpern, and Meryl Nolan via the link below.