October 23, 2019

Fund Forum

2 min

Ambiguities Surrounding the Use of FIPs Harming Private Equity Investment in Brazil

Tax authorities in Brazil are embracing a more substantive approach to the way foreign private equity investors utilize Fundos de Investimento em Participações (FIPs). International and local funds considering investment in the country need to be aware of the new and potentially confusing regulations, as outlined by Venable partner Philip von Mehren and Rafael de Moraes Amorim and Felipe Hanszmann of Vieira Rezende.

Combating Regulation by Enforcement: A Strategic Framework for Responding to State Agency Overreach

State agencies are pushing the envelope with respect to their regulatory enforcement authority. Venable's Andrew Kay and Randy Seybold explore how the resulting increase in improper "regulation through enforcement" actions presents a serious challenge for companies.

The Most Important U.S. Patent Cases of 2019 Thus Far

The rights of patent owners may be impacted by one or more of the rulings made in the first part of 2019. From conducting transactions involving patented inventions prior to patent filing to understanding right of appeal for USPTO decisions and more, Chris Loh touches on important decisions and benchmarks to keep in mind.

Congressional, Executive, and Legal Developments for Government Contractors to Consider

The Government Accounting Office has picked up on a recent effort by Congress to refine its guidance and streamline the bid protest process. Scott Hommer and Caleb McCallum explain how several recent cases and administrative decisions can impact government contractors and should be considered by any companies seeking to do business with the federal government.

Jeffrey Ostrager Joins Venable’s Corporate Practice in New York

Jeffrey N. Ostrager has joined the firm as a partner in the Corporate Practice Group in New York. Ostrager represents public and private companies in a range of transactions, including equity and debt financings, mergers and acquisitions, and debt restructurings. He has significant experience providing counsel to public companies on corporate governance, securities law disclosure and compliance, and executive compensation matters. In addition, he represents private equity and investment funds in growth equity and venture capital investments. His broad experience allows him to analyze his clients' business objectives and develop tailored strategies to help them achieve these goals.