Current Pipelines and Regs Can Support Shift to Hydrogen

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On May 11, 2021, Will Bolgiano and Matt Field published “Current Pipelines and Regs Can Support Shift to Hydrogen” in Law360. The following is an excerpt:

America's renewable hydrogen pipeline network will soon be here. Hydrogen will be crucial to the clean energy economy, because its density and versatility make it the best hope to power critically important sectors of the economy that will be difficult to convert to renewable energy. These sectors include aviation, maritime shipping, mining, heavy transportation, and heavy industry such as steel and concrete production. Pipelines will play a role in this hydrogen economy, because they will enable the cost-effective transportation of the clean fuel across long distances. Fortunately, another advantage of hydrogen is that much of the infrastructure and expertise needed to store and transport it is already developed in the oil and gas sector. In fact, the repurposing of America's fossil fuel infrastructure to renewable hydrogen applications has already begun.

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